Kursus Kemahiran Kaedah “I Can Read”

Kursus Pendidikan Awal Kanak-Kanak


Everyone Can Teach!

Reading involves the vocalization of sound which are symbolized by letters that are combined in a word. Recent research has shown that a number of fundamental skills are required in order to read. These skills need to be taught by understanding the sound system inherent in a language. The ‘I Can Read’ method provides a systematic approach to develop reading skill appropriate to children aged 4 to 7 years old. The books have been designed to take into account the psychological development of the child.

‘I Can Read’ introduced and explained about 44 phonemes or basic sounds in the English language. Research has shown that phonemic awareness is the key to reading ability. A child has to recognise that in a particular word there are basic sounds that can be separated as well as combined.

‘‘I Can Read’ begins with keywords that the child can say quite easily. Based on these keywords, these basic reading skills are taught:

  • Identification of the sound associated with particular letter
  • Blending of sounds to form words
  • Segmentation of sounds

These basic reading skills are divided into different lessons. Each lesson begins with the introduction of keywords. The core of the lesson is to develop the ability to segmentise the words into sound and blend sounds into words. Following these are activities to reinforce the understanding of a particular sound. Rhymes and stories are also incorporated to make learning interesting and fun.

‘‘I Can Read’ also introduced essential components of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) which require verbal interactions during the teaching process. The child must be able to speak and communicate besides having the ability to read.


  • Memahami teori membaca bahasa Inggeris
  • Mengetahui bunyi-bunyi asas yang terdapat dalam bahasa Inggeris
  • Memahami sistem 4P yang digunakan dalam I Can Read
  • Mengetahui teknik tunjuk ajar berpandukan buku I Can Read

Tempoh Pelatihan

Pelatihan dijalankan selama ½ hari (9.00 pagi – 12.00 tengahari).

Modul Pelatihan

  • Sesi 1: Theories of reading
  • Sesi 2: 4S System (Sound readiness, structural recognition, segmentation of sound, synthesis of sound)
  • Sesi 3: Introduction of sounds in the English Language
  • Sesi 4: Techniques of teaching “I Can Read” based on the 4S System